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Welcome to Juxta Commons!
If you would like to get started collating, click the "Add Source File" button under the list at the upper left and choose among three possible methods. You can upload files from your computer, link to other files online, or enter text in the editor we provide. Once you are done uploading, prepare your sources into witnesses and group them into comparison sets for collation and visualization.
If, on the other hand, you would prefer to take a tour first, this sample set was prepared to show you the main features of Juxta Commons. From the original source files, witnesses were prepared for sharing online, and for s of difference. The "Welcome" comparison set contains two versions of the text you're reading now. Click on the set in the "Comparison Sets" list at the upper right to see the differences visualized in three different ways: the heatmap (in which the blue highlighted text reveals variants), the side-by-side view (in which two witnesses are compared directly) or the histogram view (a more global overview of the textual differences).
To learn more about the features available in Juxta Commons, you can watch our video tutorial (insert URL here) or read the online manual (insert link).
Happy collating!


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